Doug and Faith Clark Update March 2021

Life goes on!

As we approach Easter, we are reminded that life goes on!  After Jesus was crucified, life went on for the disciples.  It was a perplexing and uncertain time (sounds familiar!) since they thought that Jesus was on a political mission to save their nation.  His death dashed their hopes.  But, 3 days later, life went on as Jesus arose and gave instructions for ministry after His return to the Father.   After His ascension, life went on with the power of the Holy Spirit, through whose power we serve today!

We shared in our last update that, while we were able to visit my mother, Lola Ruth Clark, she was needing more help and had more falls.  On December 26, life went on for her in a completely new way as she became “absent from the body and present with the Lord”.   We rejoice in the example of her life as she faced whatever came her way.   We were able to have an   in-person memorial service on December 30 as friends and family came together to honor her life and to say “so long - we’ll see you later”.  Our family has requested that memorial gifts be sent to Bible Impact Ministries (PO Box 9 - St. James, MO 65559) as she and Dad dedicated their lives to serve the Lord through this ministry since 1949 - over 70 years!

Life goes on for those who remain.  We’ve been looking through boxes of pictures, memorabilia, and photo albums that represent not only Mother and Dad’s lives, but also generations before them.  Some relatives lived long lives and others lived just a short time.  But life goes on, realizing that these 8 grands are growing and developing into the people they were created to be.  This picture was taken at Christmas, the last time that we were together.   They now range in age from 17 (18 in April) to 1 (2 in June).  We enjoy spending time with them and their parents and rejoice that life goes on with all 3 families settled in different homes.

Life goes on in ministry as we are making plans to travel as much as possible during 2021.  Although it’s easier to travel than this past year, we’re still finding some obstacles.  We are planning an in-person ANAM Forum next month, and we’d like to give you an opportunity to be involved with us as we serve missions and missionaries.

Again this year, we are asking you to be part of the Forum Project which provides many of the “extras” that help make the time together special.  The Ladies Day program is already underwritten through a donation given last year.  We’re asking for contributions to help with the opening reception, refreshment and break times, some extra that we are spending to provide special music, and a concert to which we are taking the group.   Our goal for this year’s Forum Project is $1,600 and if you are interested in sharing with us, send your gift to the ANAM Business Office (address below).  As our goal for the Forum is to encourage and strengthen our missionaries and mission leaders, you will have a valuable part in making this happen.  Thanks for considering this opportunity!

Please pray that the ANAM Forum will be able to be “in-person” and that we will be safe as we gather together.  Also, pray that we will be able to see plans fulfilled for some extensive travels through quite a few states during 2021.  Our schedule calls for six 5-Year-Reviews in 2021, visits encouraging mission leaders, interaction with students, and connecting with some of our supporting churches.

2021 is the year that we both reach that magical age of 65 (Doug in February and Faith in November).  Many consider this as the “end” of work and the “beginning” of retirement.  We are still “full-time” as ANAM Director and are not drawing Social Security as our full retirement age does not occur until 2022.  Currently, we are working with the ANAM Board in a planned transition and will keep you informed as plans are finalized.  Please pray that the Lord will direct in our lives and in the ministry of ANAM in the coming years.

As we continue on, thanks so much for your faithful prayer and financial support, as well as your ongoing interest in our lives and ministry.


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