Doug & Faith Clark Update March 2022

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SPRING is rapidly arriving in Missouri!  The daffodils are coming up, the hints of green are not far behind, and there are lots of baby calves bouncing around the fields!  What a beautiful reminder of the fact that there is always HOPE in our ever-changing world!  HOPE among the ANAM members in the Southwest was very evident during our recent trip to New Mexico and Arizona.

We spent time with the staff of Across Nations in Window Rock, AZ.  Their 4 radio stations blanket the Navajo Nation (27,413 square miles) with Christian programming.  Soon they will add a 5th outreach onto the Hopi Reservation.  Great progress has been made on a new building built from shipping containers to house the radio offices and studios.  They are rejoicing that God has provided all of the needed funds to complete that project!

Across Nations also provides Hilltop Christian School to the community, where, after much sickness in January, the staff has HOPE of completing the school year with good student attendance.  And, the in-depth ANAM Review of the organization was a big part of our visit.

What a joy to see many ministry partners attend the ANAM Western Regional and Elisha Initiative after having to cancel this event last year.  The Native American population was hit very hard by COVID but HOPE is beginning to increase and churches are reopening, and the need for pastors is great!  The Regional put much emphasis on evangelism, networking to maximize our ministry outreach, and connecting Biblically with the world around us and with each other.  This reinforces the core values of ANAM:  Accountable, Connected, Growing and Stretched!

The 2022 ANAM Forum (our annual meeting) will be held in Tempe, Arizona, April 18 – 22, 2022!  We always look forward to this special week with leaders and staff of the ANAM Family!  Our Forum theme is FOLLOWFollowing Christ is foremost as we seek to live lives that reflect that our guide is God alone!  We FOLLOW instructions (mission orientation), FOLLOW the Lord as we lead - the spiritual life of the leader, FOLLOW the leader - in leadership succession, and FOLLOW God in service - knowing His will day-to-day.  Our program is available for review at - then click “More” and then “Events”.

An important goal of the week is to encourage each attendee through all the sessions presented, but also by adding some special events, provided by our FORUM PROJECT, through which we invite you to participate.

Ladies Day is a highlight!  This year, we will focus our attention on renewing and giving HOPE!  Our outing on April 19 will introduce the ladies to 2 ministries.  Immigrant Hope - Mesa is bringing HOPE to those who are seeking a legal pathway to citizenship in the US and opens many doors of opportunity to share Christ.  Another ministry, Feed My Starving Children, packages food that is shipped around the world to bring HOPE to the hungry.  In both locations, we will have a chance to not just hear, but be involved!  Throughout the day together, friendships will grow, and we’ll enjoy a great lunch venue.

The FORUM PROJECT will also provide connection for our attendees (and a little fun!) in an Opening Reception on Monday evening as everyone arrives, a Refreshment Room for break times and fun Door Prizes!

Will you help us provide these “extras” for the ANAM family!  Please designate your gift to the ANAM Forum Project through the online giving opportunity or mail a check to the ANAM Business Office.  Our goal is to raise $3,000.

Your participation with us, through special projects and support gifts as God leads, is what allows us to continue serving and encouraging the ANAM organizations. They are sharing Christ and seeing believers grow in the Lord in the US and across the world!  THANK YOU for your interest, care and prayers!

Please be aware that you are now able to make donations to ANAM electronically at