Doug & Faith Clark Update July 2021

We want to say THANK YOU to those who donated to the 2021 ANAM FORUM PROJECT!  We’re glad to say that the donations covered the opening reception, snacks for the week, the Ladies Day, Johnson Strings concert, and honorarium, travel, and hotel expenses for our musicians.  Those who participated in the Forum Project had a huge part in making the Forum a success!

The days together were special!  We asked you to PRAY that we could meet in-person and the Lord answered that prayer.  In fact, just a short time before our gathering, the city and the hotel reduced the restrictions which made gathering much easier.  We also asked you to PRAY that we could meet safely, and the Lord answered that prayer as no one reported any illness related to COVID.  Many shared that the fellowship together was especially encouraging, along with the times of fun and great teaching by our speaker, Dr. Tony Beckett!  God answered PRAYER in so many ways to allow this event to be a blessing to each one!

We’ve posted pictures on Facebook from the ANAM Forum.  You can find these by going to  Click “Photos”, then “Albums” and you will find 14 different albums showing award presentations and the events of the Forum.

We also asked you to PRAY for us as we make plans to travel as much as possible during 2021.  Our tentative travel plans have us away from home for at least 50 days during the remainder of the year.  We’ll be in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona - as well as a few other states in between.  All of the main stops are scheduled but please continue to PRAY that the Lord will direct as we “fill in” our schedule with other visits.  These days of travel will include a college mission’s conference, visits to supporting churches and individuals, mission visits, the ANAM fall board meeting, two 75th anniversary celebrations of member missions, and 5 Reviews of member organizations.  The work began on those in early May as surveys and material was sent to the missions to complete.  This is an extensive process but it reaps many benefits as we “assist member organizations in operating with excellence”.

Family News:

May 14th was a special day.  We were able to enjoy time with family as our oldest granddaughter, Chaya, graduated from High School at the top of her class!  Congratulations Chaya!!  Many Prayers have been answered for Faith’s brother, Steve.  His recent cancer treatment report shows positive progress!

THANK YOU for each of your prayers for us, our family, and the ministry of ANAM!  It is your support gifts and prayers, along with God’s blessings of strength and guidance, that allow us to celebrate 43 years in ministry and marriage in July!

Download the PDF version of this newsletter complete with photos.