Doug & Faith Clark Update December 2021

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What a wonderful time of the year as we celebrate the truth of Scripture, that  “God With Us”  (Emmanuel) is just as true today as it was at the birth of our Savior!  It is a blessing, that no matter what circumstances come our way, we are never without the presence of God in our lives!  This gives each of us a reason for JOY this holiday season!

Since our last letter we have spent 8 weeks in travel for ANAM.  What JOY that has brought as we have seen and heard firsthand how God is using the member missions of ANAM to reach out as they share the Gospel, help Christians grow spiritually, and find practical ways to provide assistance to those in need.  To help you understand how God is using us to assist the 17 organizations that make up the ANAM family, we’ll share highlights from our travels thru numbers, along with a few fun facts:

1 Participated in 1 ANAM Regional with 50 missionaries in attendance; 1 ANAM Fall Board Meeting was held online; represented the ANAM Members at 1 Missions Conference; Faith attended 1 Missionary Ladies Tea.

2Participated in the 75th Anniversary Celebration of 2 ANAM Missions; helped out in 2 Mission Offices by packing gift bags for a Native Christmas Outreach and stuffing missionary prayer letters (This is a great way to interact with staff and understand their office needs.)

3 car breakdowns, one that resulted in our van now being a resident of Arizona (we flew home!); We experienced 3 seasons in a week – Summer, Fall & Winter – all in the state of Arizona.

4Shared in 4 churches that support us personally (and met with the pastor of another supporting church)

5Met in-person with the leadership of 4 ANAM Missions (+1 online meeting) to do in-depth reviews of their organizations.  That results in 5 extensive reports and resource materials being sent based on each member’s needs.

10 Member Missions visited; traveled through 10 states

15 nails in our tires at one time – but we made it to the tire shop!

18 different beds - not bad at all!

22 follow-up letters from the trip

24 gifts of encouragement and appreciation given to ladies along the way

26 visits with individuals who are all part of the ANAM mission family

6,381 miles driven and 1,262 air miles. Yes, we are ready to work from home until late January!

We are so thankful for your part in allowing us to serve the Lord through ANAM!  We find great JOY in serving those who provide leadership and keep ministries functioning effectively.  The needs for staffing are great at many of the missions.  If you would be interested in serving short-term or full-time  we would invite you to follow these links to see a list of service opportunities and to learn more about the broad variety of ministries represented. Your skill set can be used for the Lord right where you are, but also all across North America!

Rejoice with us: 

  • God’s protection in travel and His blessings along the way.
  • Many opportunities to use our apartment as a ministry tool.
  • Several gifts have been given towards a different travel vehicle.
  • We look forward to having our family together for the Christmas Holiday.

Pray with us:

  • Wisdom as we plan details for the ANAM Forum in Tempe, AZ in April ‘22.
  • Guidance in the purchase of a vehicle.
  • Help from doctors as Doug seeks to manage pain and related nerve issues.

THANK YOU so much for your faithful generous support, along with your prayers.  There is JOY in knowing Emmanuel is “with us” and changing lives.  We trust 2022 will bring much JOY to your home!

Merry Christmas!

Doug & Faith Clark

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