Doug & Faith Clark Update December 2018

Faith and I want to wish you a Blessed Christmas!  As you celebrate with family and friends, please remember the WHY of Christmas - so that the eternal Son of God could come to earth, become a man, die for our sins, rise again, and ultimately reign as king - the “prince of peace”!

It’s that “die for our sins and rise again” part that is the motivation for our ministry.  This is the GOSPEL - the reason that we “serve Missions and Missionaries”.

FAMILY - we enjoyed having our “kids and grands” with us for Thanksgiving.  There were days full of cousins, plenty of food, playing outside, visiting our town’s display of “Trees and Trains”, fun in grandpa’s workshop, a little local shopping (we tend to stay away from big stores, early on Black Friday) and listening to lots of questions from a 3 year old!  We are looking forward to the time we’ll get to spend together over the Christmas holidays.  Both of our mothers will share that time with us.

Faith will be in Pennsylvania for the first 2 weeks of December, helping her mother and brother with the model train business.  We’re grateful that sales have picked up as we get closer to Christmas and we’re trusting that it will continue until all is gone!

MINISTRY - our ministry time is spent in the office or traveling for ANAM.  In August, we attended and participated in the ANAM Appalachian Regional in Kentucky.  Then, we traveled to Georgia for the 5 Year Review of Source of Light International.  On the way home, I traveled to Alabama to visit Drive-In Ministries and see the progress on their new ministry facility.

I summarized October for the ANAM board with the following list:

  • Participated in ANAM Board meeting and planning sessions
  • Visited former ANAM directors - 2
  • Visited ANAM member organizations - 8
  • Visited ANAM member board chairmen - 3
  • Meetings for 2019 Forum - 2
  • Visited pastors - 2
  • Spoke in church - 1
  • Visited prospective member organizations - 7
  • Visited colleges - 3
  • Personal visits - 7

It’s tough to reduce a month of relationship building in several states to a short list, but be sure that behind each of these numbers are people who are serving God and reaching those who need to know Him!

Trips produce lots of follow-up work, plus this is always a busy time as we head into 2019. Final details and publicity for the 2019 Forum in Albuquerque, NM is one major project.  We always look forward to these days of great fellowship, learning, and encouragement as an association.  Please pray that all of the details can be completed soon and that many will be able to attend.

As 2018 draws to a close, we are thinking of many who have recently lost loved ones.  That can make the holidays difficult but it also serves as a reminder of the importance of KNOWING our eternal destiny, which was made sure by the one whose birth we celebrate at Christmas!  We’re thankful that we know the WHY of Christmas.

Thanks so much for your part with us as we “serve Missions and Missionaries”.