Doug and Faith Clark Update October 2020

Dear Friends,

The year 2020 has gotten all of us into the habit of living much of our lives virtually and though we would love to visit with you in person, this letter gives us the opportunity to “stop by” for a few minutes.  We appreciate so much all of you who support us each month and for the prayers offered on our behalf.  You have helped sustain us since we began ministry in 1978.

Thankfully, up through early March we were busy traveling while serving the ANAM Family, as we shared in our last update.  Then, our schedule was rearranged, as yours was, as well!

We believe that God’s timing is perfect, and, as we were winding down our travels in March, we knew that both Faith and I had some health matters to deal with.  Faith found out through testing that she had developed significant environmental and food allergies.  Thankfully, through four types of treatment she is beginning to get some relief!

Since October 2019, I have been dealing with pain issues in my legs, hips, shoulder, and hand.  Travel was getting increasingly more difficult.  During this time at home, X-rays and MRI’s have shown deterioration due to arthritis and multiple bulging discs in my spine.  I have seen specialists, had shots, chiropractic care, primary care doctor visits, as well as physical therapy and I am making progress.  Then, in late May, my left retina detached, requiring surgery in early June and 9 visits with an eye specialist in Columbia, MO.  Thankfully, I now have a full field of vision, but it will always be distorted.  Also recently, it became essential that I have some significant dental work done.  Hopefully soon, moving, seeing, and eating can be done without challenge!  None of us enjoy dealing with physical issues but we’re THANKFUL for progress and that the Lord made it possible to be at home for these months.

Also, during our months without travel we have:

  • Hosted online events and meetings for ANAM to replace “face to face” time.
  • Made plans for future online events.
  • Continued with the routine office work for ANAM.
  • Tried to wisely plan travel for the months ahead.
  • Tackled painting and adding some shelving to our home office.
  • Worked on preparing part of our home to host Pastors, Mission Leaders and Missionaries as they travel or just need a place “away” to rest. Currently we are hosting the Interim Pastor for our local church each weekend.
  • Enjoyed a weekend visit with Sara’s and Anna’s families.

Looking forward, we currently plan to travel to the Southwest for 2 ½ weeks later this fall.  That trip has already been adjusted but what is “in pencil” is looking pretty definite. Rather than a day-by-day itinerary, I’ve categorized the events by the areas of ministry that define our relationship to our members:


  • Conduct two 5 Year Reviews of member missions
  • Participate in the fall board meeting via Zoom (I’ll be in the same location as our chairman.)


  • Visit ANAM mission leaders / missionaries in 12 locations
  • Connect with at least 1 prospective member

Growing (training events)

  • Conduct a site visit for a future ANAM Forum location - Tempe, AZ


  • Speak in chapel and missions class at Frontier School of the Bible (encouraging students in mission involvement)
  • We’ll be stretched (not our members) as we drive about 3,500 miles!

Rejoice with us:

  • Faith and I have had 42 years of serving together!
  • We’re grateful for our family and rejoice with Wes and Esther on their farm purchase that they desire to use for ministry!
  • We’re thankful for the progress we are making with the physical issues!
  • We’re thankful for God’s continued provision!

Please pray with us:

  • For wisdom as we seek to effectively meet the needs of our members.
  • For God’s leading as we make travel and event plans for 2021 and following.
  • For Faith’s brother, Steve, as he begins treatment for 2 types of cancer.
  • Thankfully, both of our Mothers have avoided COVID, but both are facing real challenges with mobility issues.
  • For continued progress in physical matters along with good health and stamina as we travel.

Thanks so much for “visiting” with us!  We trust God’s best for each of you!

We would love to hear how YOU are doing, as well!