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Job Title: Executive Director

Job Location: Pharr, TX

Description: Candidate will direct, supervise, control the business of the mission, oversee the daily operations, finances, and work closely with the Field Director on approved programs and assignments, missionaries and staff supervision. The director will also communicate with donors and seek support for the Mission by means of letters, visiting churches and supporters, speaking and representing the Mission at conferences, conventions, meetings and banquets.

Length or Term: Full Time

Language Required: English (Spanish not necessary but would be helpful)

Minimum Education Required: Appropriate to the position

Skills Needed: Administrative, organizational; able to work with board and office and field staff; able to represent mission in churches, conferences, and Bible Colleges.

Salary Type: Support

Other Details: There must be a willingness to travel to represent the mission.

Date Posted: 04-22-2017
Contact Person: Paul E. Unruh

Mission Name: Evangelical Mission Ministries
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Pharr, TX