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Job Title: Assistant Technical Services Manager

Job Location: Valdosta, GA, USA

Description: This ministry position requires a mature Christian who is fully committed to Christ and convinced of God’s call upon his or her life for service. This position requires a person with a Bachelor’s degree, equivalent educational or experience level training in the technical areas appropriate to the duties defined below, plus experience in leadership, and excellent relational skills. Business background and management skills in the areas of computer systems, facilities, construction projects, financial planning and budgeting are also necessary. Expertise in the application and maintenance of networked computer systems and business software is an important asset. The characteristics of being a “self starter” with a strong work ethic will be necessary. Good communications skills (both written and verbal) are very important. The appropriate person for this position will have a God given desire to see children and all others come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and grow to maturity through Bible based teaching. This position requires your residence to be in the Valdosta Georgia area.

Length or Term: Full Time

Language Required: English

Minimum Education Required: A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational or experience level training in computer technology is required.

Skills Needed: Expertise in the application and maintenance of networked computer systems and business software is a primary requirement. A proven track record in leadership, and excellent relational skills are necessary. A business background and management skills in the areas of computer systems, facilities, construction projects, financial planning and budgeting are also necessary.

Salary Type: Support and Salary

Other Details: The Assistant Technical Services Manager will assist the Technical Services Manger with the following: • Perform the function of “Information Systems Administrator” to establish and maintain an effective and fully functional computer based Local Area Network inside the ministry office and a high-speed distributed Internet connection for communications with the outside world. Also provide and maintain the communications tools needed for a Wide Area Network to effectively connect TMC remote staff and ministry associates around the world with the home office data system. • Serve as the computer based “Information Systems” facilitator and technical educator for the ministry by staying current with available hardware and software tools from which can be selected those appropriate for supporting and advancing the ministry’s goals. Be able to train all appropriate management personnel and all software users in the specific computer skills and use of specialty software programs needed to fulfill their particular job responsibilities. • Provide in house technical communications and management in support of the ministry’s presence on the World Wide Web (Internet) through our Web site(s). This includes the areas of hardware and software for site hosting and security for an information only site, web store and/or an interactive “lessons-on-line” data server. • In cooperation with the Director of Finance, prepare annual departmental and ministry budgets required to develop and maintain the technical services desired by the ministry. • Be willing to take or share general oversight and responsibility for maintenance of all the physical facilities of the ministry. This responsibility includes any vehicles and equipment that The Mailbox Club Int’l may own or lease. Manage expansion and building projects as assigned by the General Director. • Provide and maintain telephone communications for all the needs of the ministry; including but not limited to the “land line” based telephone & voicemail system, and cellular phone services in support of those who travel and work outside the reach of the office system. • Assist in and support the development of various “Discipleship Training and Ministry Programs” as engaged in by The Mailbox Club Int'l Inc. to equip our Leadership Team members and other ministry partners’ leaders and workers in the best practices of doing “discipleship” ministry utilizing TMC materials. • Manage the “Reproduction Permission Program” of The Mailbox Club Int’l through good communications and recordkeeping of all requests from others for permission to reproduce any of our publications. This covers the broad areas of translation into all languages other than English and permission to reprint any publication or translation. • Be the “statistician” for The Mailbox Club Int’l by providing report statistics in spreadsheet format or graphs and charts as desired for any of the departments of the ministry, our partnerships with others, and the overall “performance” of the ministry. • Represent The Mailbox Club Int'l Inc. ministry before individuals and groups who are interested in the ministry and in supporting its North American and worldwide programs. • Travel as necessary to accomplish the responsibilities of this position. • Report directly to The Mailbox Club Int'l Inc.’s Technical Services Manager

Date Posted: 11-23-2016
Contact Person: Bill Touchton

Mission Name: The Mailbox Club
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Valdosta, GA USA