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Job Title: Director of Information Technology (DIT)

Job Location: Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Description: HELP DESPERATELY NEEDED! The Indian Bible College is undergoing explosive growth, both at our Flagstaff campus and in our extension program. We desperately need an on-site IT Director to oversee our technology needs and to service the online program technology. IBC has over 20 operational computers and one server. Significant other tech equipment is waiting to be installed (including one additional server and three smart boards).

Length or Term: Full-time - part time/seasonal may be negotiable

Language Required: English Computer code :-)

Minimum Education Required: Negotiable

Skills Needed: The DIT must be able to oversee and maintain the campus and online tech needs, both software and hardware.

Salary Type: Support or Volunteer

Other Details:

Date Posted: 06-10-2014
Contact Person: Dr. Jason Koppen

Mission Name: Indian Bible College
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Flagstaff, Arizona