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Job Title: Venture Clubs Area Coordinator

Job Location: Valdosta, GA

Description: Coordinate and manage the development and expanding use of Venture Clubs discipleship materials throughout your assigned area.

Length or Term: Full-time or part-time

Language Required: English

Minimum Education Required: A high school diploma is required. A college degree with a business background is very helpful and management skills are a necessity. Training at a recognized Bible school is a definite plus.

Skills Needed: A heart for God, faithfulness to the Lord, dependency on God. Strong calling from the Lord with a heart for the children. Must understand this is a calling, not a job. Not an 8-5 job; must have a willingness to do whatever it takes, beyond the call of duty. Teachable spirit (James 3:16, 17). Under authority (Luke 7:8). A DAILY desire to be in the Word & prayer. Develop strong ties with supporters through quarterly prayer letters, calls, notes, etc. Correspond clearly and regularly with management and church staffs.

Salary Type: Support or Volunteer

Other Details: This position requires an experienced leader with great God-given abilities to relate well to the ministers, the laity and children in churches of all sizes. This person must have a God-given desire to see children come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and grow to maturity through Bible based teaching. This ministry opportunity requires a mature Christian, who is fully committed to Christ and convinced of God’s call upon his/her life for service in this capacity. The characteristics of being a “self starter” with a strong work ethic will be necessary. Good communications skills are an absolute necessity.

Date Posted: 05-10-2012
Contact Person: Bill Touchton

Mission Name: The Mailbox Club
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Valdosta, GA