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Job Title: Coordinator of Apprenticeship Program

Job Location: Madison, GA

Description: Supervision of weekly meeting for mentors; grade projects and reports and maintain grade reports for each apprentice; oversee correspondence with parents and guardians; lead or assign morning devotions; administer counseling as needed; and be available for fellowship times with apprentices to build accountability, deepen relationships, and encourage growth as they share testimonies of God's work in their own lives.

Length or Term: Full time / long term

Language Required: English

Minimum Education Required: High School or GED

Skills Needed: Must be a mature Christian who loves young people, is not intimidated by them, and be able by precept and example to show Christ-likeness in everything. Mobility and good health is a must.

Salary Type: Support

Other Details: Housing and meals provided

Date Posted: 06-25-2011
Contact Person: Melody Zink

Mission Name: Source of Light Ministries, Intl
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Madison, GA