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Job Title: Executive Director

Job Location: Hudson, FL

Description: Candidate will have the general oversight of Mission ministry and property; recruit and train men to work in campgrounds; prepare yearly goals, budgets, and promotional activities; prepare an annual report and present it to the board, be able to travel to promote the mission as needed and directed

Length or Term: Full-time - part time/seasonal may be negotiable

Language Required: English

Minimum Education Required: Have graduated from a Bible school or equivalent

Skills Needed: Administrative, organizational, financial & budgetary skills; able to work with board, volunteer staff, and campground managers and owners; able to teach, pastor, and lead lay ministers for Campsite services; able to speak and preach to represent mission in various venues; able to prepare news and missionary letters;

Salary Type: Support

Other Details: ** Candidate will have 5 years experience in full-time Christian ministry and will be qualified as a leader as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-12 and Titus 6:9; ** Housing is available at headquarters

Date Posted: 10-18-2009
Contact Person: Wes Danley

Mission Name: Campsite Evangelism
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Hudson, FL