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Job Title: Grounds Keeper

Job Location: Madison, Georgia U.S.A.

Description: Responsible for maintaining the lawns and landscaping of a 20 acre ministry campus. Work includes mowing, trimming, edging, debris removal. tree trimming, maintaining flower beds, and other work related to lawn care. Responsible for care of equipment.

Length or Term: Full Time

Language Required: English

Minimum Education Required: Experience in having worked for a Lawn and Landscaping Company a plus. On the job training will also be given if needed

Skills Needed: Chain saw operation and maintenance. A mechanical aptitude for operation and maintenance of equipment. Small engine repair experience a plus.

Salary Type: Support

Other Details: Must be a self-starter who can work largely by himself and can carry out the directives of the Department Head

Date Posted: 02-13-2009
Contact Person: Melody Zink

Mission Name: Source of Light Ministries Int'l.
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Madison, GA 30650