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Job Title: Human Resource Director

Job Location: Madison, Georgia U.S.A.

Description: Responsible for keeping records and maintaining the confidentiality of Candidates, Appointees, Regular and Associate Missionaries, short-term, volunteer and inactive personnel. Works closely with each person and department head to assure acceptable work load and hours, and counsels concerning the possibility of transfer to another department when health, age or other circumstances require it. Handles personnel problems if requested by a Department Head and attempts to analyze staff morale and supply Scriptural principles to interpersonal relationships. Schedules and supervises Orientation for new workers.

Length or Term: Full Time

Language Required: English

Minimum Education Required: A degree in Human Resource Management would be helpful, but not necessarily needed. We will train a person who can demonstrate that they have an aptitude for this position. Also, experience in Biblical counseling will be helpful.

Skills Needed: Proficient in MS Word, Access and Excel. Excellent communicative skills. Must be able to articulate well. Need to be a "people" person and a good listener.

Salary Type: Support

Other Details:

Date Posted: 02-13-2009
Contact Person: Melody Zink

Mission Name: Source of Light Ministries Int'l.
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Madison, GA 30650