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Job Title: Dormitory Supervisor

Job Location: Cortez, CO

Description: Oversee the men in the Recovery Program, especially after class and work time. Care for any needs that occur. Show hospitality and be open for informal counseling opportunities.

Length or Term: 3 Months Minimum, At Least 1 Year Preferred

Language Required: English

Minimum Education Required: No minimum. A background of understanding people with addiction problems. Sensitivity to Native Americans.

Skills Needed: A people person with spiritual maturity and discernment.

Salary Type: Faith-based support or volunteer

Other Details: Housing is provided. It is also good if the supervisor can cook breakfast several days each week. If married, wife can help with some other needs.

Date Posted: 03-14-2023
Contact Person: Joe Mehesy

Mission Name: Christian Discipleship Center
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Cortez, CO