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Job Title: Faculty

Job Location: Flagstaff, AZ (travel to Flagstaff for intensives)

Description: The Indian Bible College (IBC) needs both full-time and adjunct instructors in its endeavors to train Native Americans for ministry and leadership to their own people. IBC uses a lot of adjunct (infrequent) professors from all over the country.

Length or Term: Any (3-5 wk intensives available; online options)

Language Required: English

Minimum Education Required: Master's degree in field of instructions (accreditation requirements)

Skills Needed: Excellent communications skills, good listening skills, ability to lead a discussion

Salary Type: Support or Volunteer

Other Details:

Date Posted: 06-17-2021
Contact Person: Gene Stevenson, Academic Dean

Mission Name: Indian Bible College
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Flagstaff, AZ