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Job Title: Academic Dean

Job Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Description: The Academic Dean oversees all matters related to class scheduling, faculty recruiting, accreditation/assessment, and student academic success. This position has the likelihood of being a vice-president position, overseeing the librarian, registrar, and faculty.

Length or Term: Interim or ongoing

Language Required: English

Minimum Education Required: Master's degree in Bible, theology, education, or ministry

Skills Needed: Administrative and leadership skills, Academic experience

Salary Type: Support or Volunteer

Other Details: This position is only half-time for the academic administrative duties. If desired, the position can be combined with teaching duties to be full-time.

Date Posted: 12-04-2018
Contact Person: Lanora Bigman

Mission Name: Indian Bible College
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: 2237 E Cedar Ave - Flagstaff, AZ 86004