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Job Title: Radio Manager

Job Location: Tse Bonito, NM / Window Rock, AZ

Description: Western Indian Ministries offers an exceptional opportunity for an experienced Radio Station Manager who has a passion to use media as a tool to help make disciples for Jesus. The Station Manager would oversee KHAC AM, KWIM FM, Window Rock AZ, and KTBA AM, Tuba City AZ. He /she would be responsible for the overall development and growth of the 3 multi language, and multi format, community minded radio stations. Duties include coordinating station program content, communications/ public relations, overseeing staff, and generating revenue for the commercial stations. It is a great time to be in Christian Radio … especially if you want to make a difference and are creative, have an interest in Native American people, and would like to work with a talented and creative team and live in one of the most beautiful locations in the US. Western Indian Ministries is on the cutting edge of bringing about much needed change among some of the most beautiful yet underserved and “at risk” people groups in the US. Other departments at WIM include Youth, Elementary Education, Community Outreach, and Business as Mission. Window Rock is the capital city of the largest Native American Reservation in the US and is located on the state line of Arizona and New Mexico. The Navajo Nation (Diné) boasts of its exceptional beauty- with towering mountains, beautiful canyons, hi-deserts and rocky mesas. Window Rock’s elevation is 6800 feet above sea level where the climate is moderate, with capacity for some significant snow in the wintertime, and relatively mild days in the summer. Window Rock's main attractions are the sandstone window formation, the Navajo Nation Museum, the Navajo Nation Zoological and Botanical Park, and the Navajo Nation Code Talkers Memorial. The closest public airport service is in Albuquerque, 160 miles to the east. Recreation and outdoor activities abound close by! Christian Radio is the only church many of the indigenous people know. The forward-thinking individual in this job will need to understand the cultural, historical and social challenges of the indigenous people, while focusing on the stories of Jesus’ life changing message among the first nation’s people, through the on-air and streaming broadcast media – to accomplish the mission and vision of Western Indian Ministries.

Length or Term: Permanent

Language Required: English

Minimum Education Required: Depending on experience

Skills Needed: 1. Creative communicator, strong mentoring capacity 2. Ability to influence and engage in our community, leadership team and with peers 3. Energetic, flexible, collaborative, and proactive; a team leader 4. Able to work within budget, oversee programming, manage advertising 5. Assist Director of Broadcasting in overseeing compliance with WIM doctrine and FCC regulations 6. Attention to detail

Salary Type: Support

Other Details: Supplemental income may be available during Support Raising

Date Posted: 08-07-2018
Contact Person: Cindy Harper

Mission Name: Across Nations (formerly WIM)
Mission Web Site:
Mission Location: Window Rock, AZ & Tse Bonito, NM