Doug & Faith Clark Update March 2018

Many of you “Facebook traveled” with us on our 21 day February trip.  For others who we connect to by email or snail mail, it is time to “catch up”. (If you are interested in all the details, you can read about each day and see pictures on Doug or my Facebook page.)

Our holiday season wrapped up on January 3rd when my parents returned to   Pennsylvania after a 3 week stay with us.  It was so good to have the whole family together!  As you read further, you will understand why.

The early weeks of the year are busy as ANAM membership renewals are sent out, travel plans are confirmed, and Forum promotion is mailed.  We spent 3 days at Calvary University representing the ANAM family during the Conference on Global Engagement. While in Kansas City, we lined up more details for the 2018 Forum.

Then, we were home for 10 days of preparation for being gone from February 7th – 27thWe flew to Albuquerque, NM, to secure the location for the 2019 ANAM Forum and many arrangements were made.  Several days were also spent in Flagstaff, AZ during which we conducted the 5 Year Review at Indian Bible College.  What a great team of leaders God has put together who have a passion for guiding Native American youth to become Christ honoring leaders.  We also attended the Western Navajo Bible Fellowship meetings, had lots of one on one visits, and took a helicopter into the Grand Canyon to spend a Sunday morning worshipping with the believers at the Havasupai Bible Church (in Supai, AZ), a ministry of UIM International.

Then it was on to Phoenix for the Elisha Initiative sessions (40 attended),  participation in the ANAM Southwest Regional, meeting with the Southwest Regional Committee, and visiting member and non-member missions, allowing us to connect with lots of people!

After driving back to Albuquerque, we flew to Kansas City, chiseled ice from our car (!) and headed for Tennessee.  Cedine Ministries requested their 5 Year Review in conjunction with a board meeting and we had a great time of interaction with their board and staff as they plan for the future.  Also, we were able to meet with the Appalachian Regional Committee as they plan for the August ANAM gathering. 

March began by unpacking, lots of office follow-up, and moving Doug’s mother back home from an assisted living facility (where she was when we traveled) on the 1st – her 91st birthday!  Just 2 days later, my uncle Harold in Oklahoma City, passed away.  Due to my Dad not being able to travel, I went to represent the family and enjoyed some time with relatives I rarely see.

While there, word came that my dad’s cancer had spread significantly, especially into the lymph system, and no more treatment was available.  He is now on hospice care for pain management and has been told the cancer will probably progress quickly in the coming months.  Please pray as many decisions are made and that we will know how to best be of help to my parents.

April brings the annual meeting of ANAM. which is being held in Kansas City.  Lots of time is being spent in finalizing the details of the conference.

THANK YOU for continuing to be interested in the ministry of ANAM and us personally.  We greatly appreciate all of your prayers, gifts and encouragement!  Your partnership is vital to us and ANAM!


Doug Clark – Executive Director
Association of North American Missions
PO Box 610 – Salem, MO  65560