Doug & Faith Clark Update August 2018


A big highlight for us since our last report was the opportunity to celebrate 40 years of marriage.  We spent 3 days in Western Indiana, searching for covered bridges.  These have always intrigued us and we finally had the opportunity to find several of them.  We’re thankful that the Lord directed us to each other, for 40 years of marriage, a close family, and the opportunity to serve together.

Faith has been in Pennsylvania several time and these visits will continue through this year.  Progress is being made on scaling down the model train business that her parents operated and we’re trusting that it can be sold by the end of the year.  Please pray with us that this might happen.  During her July trip, all of our family traveled to PA for a special weekend to attend the wedding of Faith’s brother, Steve, to Tammy Hollenbach.  We were happy to welcome Tammy and her twin daughters, Kelsey and Courtney, into the family.  May we never take for granted the opportunities to create wonderful family memories! 

YEAH! We completed a project!  When we purchased our home in 2007, the back portion had a board fence that was beginning to deteriorate and fall down.  Over the past couple of years, we have completely gotten rid of the old fence and last month, we finished a new barbed wire fence.  This past week, we’ve been able to “horse-sit” 4 of Wes and Esther’s horses while they were away.  Also, the humidity in Missouri fosters the growth of mold.  We were able to wash all of the vinyl fence and have it look good, at least for a few weeks.

Ministry goes through seasons.  Presently, we are again in a season of building relationships.  In late June, we represented the ANAM family at the IFCA International Convention in South Bend, IN.  During that week, we connected with several ANAM members, as well as some ministries that have expressed interest in being part of ANAM and we continue to stay in touch with them.

In our travels, we’ve had opportunity to connect with supporters.  Also, when I traveled to Pennsylvania in July, I was able to make several visits with organizations that have been “on the visit list” for a time.  At least 3 of those will likely result in new ANAM members (1 has already started the process).

Later this month, we’ll travel to the ANAM Appalachian Regional meeting in Kentucky to connect with mission leaders and missionaries, as well as to lead a workshop.  We’ll then travel to Georgia for a 5 Year Review at Source of Light International, speak in their chapel service, and then go on to Alabama for a visit to Drive-In Ministries, another ANAM member.  Both of these ministries have much happening in North America but are reaching around the globe to bring the message of the Gospel to many.

October will find us gone for 3 weeks as we start out in West Virginia.  Faith will then go back to help her mom and I will travel to Kansas City, then to the Southwest for the Fall ANAM Board Meeting and Elisha Initiative.  I am making plans to visit about 20 missions, mission leaders, and missionaries for the purpose of encouragement and recruiting ANAM members, along with speaking at one Bible School.

We’ve also had the recent opportunity to interact with a couple considering full-time ministry and a missionary pastor seeking direction for his personal ministry.  Pray with us for great wisdom from the Lord to answer questions that come our way.  THANK YOU, Lord, for all these opportunities!  And, THANK YOU to each one who supports us through prayer and finances.  We’re grateful for your part in our ministry.