Doug & Faith Clark Update December 2019

As we near the end of 2019, we invite you to spend a few moments with us as we review our year.

TRAVELS - We traveled about 108 days during 2019 and had meetings or appointments in 17 states (some states several times).  We shared the ministry of missions in North America in churches, pastor’s conferences and fellowships, colleges, as well as reporting in supporting churches.  We visited several member organizations (5 Year     Review, honoring a significant anniversary celebration, and attending events), as well as connecting with organizations that would benefit from ANAM.  We also stay in touch with mission leaders and those who have served faithfully for many years.  Even though we are home now, we are making preparation for our 2020 travels.

EVENTS - It’s at the various ANAM events where we, as well as our member organizations, do much of our “connecting” with the ANAM family.   It’s been our privilege to attend and participate in the ANAM Regionals, to speak from time to time, and to occasionally have the opportunity to meet with the planning committees for these events.  We’ve developed many good friendships and relationships through these meetings.

While the ANAM Board is the group that conducts the business affairs for the association, I spend a lot of time making preparation for these meetings.  At our recent meeting in Kansas City, we spent time discussing and making plans for the future, reviewing and recommending some changes in membership levels and requirements, fulfilling the governance responsibilities of the board, and selecting award recipients for 2020.

Right now, office work is our “event” focus.  It ranges from finalizing the program and speakers for the 2020 ANAM Forum, reviewing details for the hotel contract for 2021, and requesting proposals to decide which facilities we’ll visit to select a location for 2022.  We visit not only hotels, but meet with those who can suggest ideas for the program as well as possible speakers.

FAMILY - We’re thankful that our family is doing well.  We had a small family gathering at Thanksgiving and are looking forward to celebrating Christmas the weekend following New Year’s due to work schedules.  Our mothers are doing well in their respective situations and we’re grateful that they continue to make the necessary adjustments .

HOME / PERSONAL - It hardly seems possible that we purchased our home over 12 years ago.  When home, we work on projects that have been started during that time, as well as ongoing maintenance needs.  We’re thankful to the Lord for His continued provision as we have received 86% of the recommended support level set by the board during 2019.  Faith and I have noticed that we have more names in our phone contacts and more appointments on our calendar that have “Dr.” before them!  Please pray for us as there are a few health matters that we’re (along with the “Dr.”) investigating.

MINISTRY TRIVIA - One evening during the 2019 Forum, we asked each person in attendance to jot down the number of years they had been involved in ministry.  There were 66 people who gave us a number, those numbers totaled 1,923 with an average of 29.13 years.  Years of service ranged from 1 year to 63 years. We are praising the Lord for each of these faithful servants!

We’re THANKFUL that YOU make it possible for us to work with these wonderful servants of the Lord.  THANK YOU for your faithful prayer and financial support throughout this year.  Please ASK GOD to enable us to serve faithfully in 2020!  May you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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