ANAM Executive Director Search

Greetings from a small committee of the ANAM board, the Executive Director Search Committee. We are tasked with looking for a new Executive Director for ANAM.

At the annual meeting just a few short weeks ago, it was announced that Doug Clark would be stepping down from that position in June of 2023. That means, we as a committee are tasked with seeking and vetting potential candidates to fill this position.  Please be in fervent prayer with us as we seek the Lord’s direction for ANAM’s next director.

From our limited vantage point, the most obvious replacement would come from within the ranks of a current ANAM ministry. So, our initial search includes inquiring among our members if they would submit the name of a potential candidate who may be looking to transition in the near future, or maybe they are just a good candidate that you feel ought to consider the position.

The personal characteristics and a specific job skillset are included at the end of this letter, but we want to make clear, we are not trying to replace Doug (and Faith), after all, who could? No one candidate is going to possess all of the traits for the job, but they should be capable of many of the key ones mentioned below.

We also realize that God may have another plan, a man outside the ANAM circles, who could also meet our criteria and so we ask you also to consider submitting names of those individuals as well.

Of course, we want you to be praying over your recommendations, but please do understand, the clock is ticking, so we ask for your quick replies.

Please feel free to correspond with any of the committee members you feel most comfortable with, and we will communicate your suggestions with the rest of the team.

We trust that the Lord will provide the next director of ANAM and appreciate your valuable input in the process.

Serving Together,

The ANAM Search Committee

Jason Koppen (Chairman;
Ron Barnes (
Vernon Tannahill (
John Adams (



  • Has a steady and growing relationship with the Lord.
  • Displays the characteristics of a humble, servant leader.
  • Is a person of integrity.
  • Is teachable and is a continual learner.
  • Is outgoing and has a welcoming personality.
  • Is a good communicator.
  • Has leadership qualities.
  • Has experience in an organizational leadership position.
  • A person with vision and able to communicate that vision.
  • Is self-motivated.
  • A person who can see a task to completion.


  • Have analytical capabilities. Able to understand current realties, develop strategies for future growth.
  • Have the ability to create a sense of unity among the ANAM member missions.
  • Have a working knowledge of technology.
  • Have a better than average understanding of financial management and reporting.
  • Have the ability to multitask.
  • Have the ability to do extensive travel.
  • Have the ability to oversee event planning.
  • Have a good grasp of written communication.
  • Have a comfortable ability to speak in front of people. Be the “face” of ANAM.
  • Have a fundamental understanding of all ANAM Member Mission Organizations.