ANAM Executive Director job description

Mission Statement

The Association of North American Missions (ANAM) exists to assist member organizations in operating with excellence. This maximizes their God given ministry effectiveness in reaching the lost and making disciples.

Core Values

ANAM is a peer-driven association in which members are:

  • ACCOUNTABLE to God and each other
  • CONNECTED to those who understand and encourage our ministry life
  • GROWING through resources and relationships, and
  • STRETCHED to consider new opportunities.

ANAM Executive Director Purpose

This elected position leads the Peer Network to encourage and assist members in operating with excellence to accomplish their unique missions.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee the affairs of ANAM and supervise any ANAM personnel.
  2. Promote the work of ANAM with missions, schools, and conferences.
  3. Serve as the point of contact for ANAM’s interaction with other agencies and the government.
  4. Serve as a non-voting member of the Board of Directors, and on each committee (except for the Executive Committee) and assist the Board President in establishing and leading Board Meetings.
  5. Plan and lead the ANAM Annual Meeting, and participate in regional conferences.
  6. Coordinate annual membership renewals and communicate with members.
  7. Coordinate the Awards process for member missions and missionaries.
  8. Lead the Elisha Initiative project.
  9. Cultivate ministry partners and develop relationships for the work of ANAM.
  10. Schedule and lead 5-Year Reviews with member organizations.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Has a deep and growing relationship with the Lord.
  • Is in complete agreement with the ANAM Statement of Faith
  • Models integrity and humility as an effective servant-leader.
  • Remains teachable as a life-long learner.
  • Communicates well in person and through writing.
  • His personality is welcoming, and he easily engages people in conversation.
  • Draws on leadership experience, ideally with a mission or ministry organization.
  • Motivates people to accomplish ANAM’s vision.
  • He is self-motivated and ensures tasks are completed.

Specific Job Skillset:

  • Is analytical and able to understand current realities, while developing strategies for the future.
  • Builds and maintains a sense of unity among the ANAM member missions.
  • Is capable of using technology effectively.
  • Understands financial management and reporting.
  • Can work on a variety of tasks in the course of a day.
  • Is willing and able to travel extensively.
  • Effectively plans and oversees large events periodically.
  • Develops a good understanding of all ANAM Member Missions.